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Experience the freedom of seemlessly, detailed organization with our ultimate productivity app.


SAVE TIME. Be more Productive, with Axtrix Essentials!

Enjoy the Essential Apps for Free and Take Your Productivity to Next Level.


Keep tabs on your daily work and personal tasks, meeting your deadlines on time.


Fuse your e-mails IDs in a single place. Read and respond to emails with breeze.


Stay up to date with your Social world by integrating your favorite social media networks.


Build relationships! keep in touch with co-workers, family, friends and even clients.


Let this app remind you of the most important things to come so you never miss one.


A Simple Book-keeping app that takes care of your day-to-day incomes and expenditures.


Your passwords, account details, photos etc. on cloud protected with 2-Step Authentication.


Easily Collaborate & brainstrom ideas with others as digital papers on the cloud.


Save all your important data on the Axtrix Drive or fuse in other cloud drives with ease.


A quick way to store and sort your personal, social media and email contacts in one place.


Axtrix packs every Essentials app in ONE BOX!

Forget the trouble of Installing different Productivity Apps that never work in harmony, rather bloating your device. With Axtrix, you experence Seemless, Smooth and Super fast productive Apps that skyrocket your effeciency and Productivity while working in Syncronization at the same time.
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Things to Do

A simpler and more interactive to-do app that not just keeps your tasks on track and reminds you when you are missing something out; it also motivates you with positive suggestions to make a good habit of completing things in time.


and more to come.

Combine your Mails

The Mail’s intelligent UI/UX experience makes you feel at ease when you check your emails and respond to them within one app. With Axtrix, you can integrate Google, Yahoo, and GMX e-mail into a single app platform.


and more to come.

People like you

With this social app, you can connect with your co-workers, fuse your favorite social platforms and have all the social feeds in one platform. You can also post from the Axtrix platform directly.


and more to come.

Keep in touch

You can easily chat privately or create groups/teams where a whole bunch of people can chat simultaneously. This is perfect when you want to share your ideas to other people without the hassle of opening other apps for it. Because you can easily mesh other apps with it.


and more to come.

Mark that Date

Of course, a good calendar is like a personal assistant that prompts you of important dates, which you cannot miss in any circumstances. This is what this app does. It lets you integrate calendars of other platforms like Google, Android and iOS, which allows you to update all your calendars at once. How convenient is that?


and more to come.

Managing your budget

This app literally saves you significant money by rewiring your mindset to spend a particular budget (that fits your needs). With this app, you can easily take a peek at your spending. It also forecasts an approx. budget that you need to spend.


and more to come.

Keep it Safe

With this app, you get to save your most sensitive information like passwords, bank details, private photos, etc. on a cloud that is secured by 2-Step Authentication.


No Integrations.

Paper on Cloud

Notes are a worthy tool to save your brainstorming ideas into a digital paper, which you can access later for reminding you how awesome you are. It also improves your cognitive abilities as you start to reduce your capability to forget important things. And of course, you can fuse this app with similar apps like Evernote, OneNote etc. too.


and more to come.

No more HDD

You can easily integrate all your cloud service platforms like Google Drive, SkyDrive, etc. within this one app. And not only that, you also get to experience an Axtrix Drive which works flawlessly to share and let others participate in the platform.


and more to come.

Never lose them

This app keeps all your contacts (including email, social media and phone contacts) save and secure within it. You can also group contacts according to their nature i.e. a different group for work, social media network, etc.


and more to come
The App to Save your Time and remove Stress

Experience the freedom of seamlessly, detailed organization with our ultimate productivity app

Explorers aka freelancers

Do more with more apps plus the essential ones. As a freelancer, you need to have the most productive tools right at your disposal.

With the explorer package, you get access to Collaborative Task Management, Invoicing, Landing Page for Clients, Project Proposal Page, Client Communication, Advanced Social Integration, CMS Integrations and plenty more!

You also have the ability to add up to 5 more Axtrix freelancers, 3 essential Axtrix users and 3 clients. It’s a perfect platform to be in touch with high-paid contracts and to allow your clients to hire you directly from this platform.

Innovators aka startups

Skyrocket your business to new heights by incorporating the most productive platform in the market. With this package, you have access to all essential apps, freelancer apps PLUS advanced marketing, sales and CRM tools that will allow you to climb up the ladder and leave your fellow competitors behind.

These tools include: Sales Insights, Advanced Knowledge Base and Support, Ecommerce Integrations, Marketing Campaigns, Job Postings and much more.

With the Innovator account, you can add up to 5 freelancers, 10 Axtrix essential users, and 5 corporate clients in your company. And not just that; you also get a company social profile page where all of your information shared can be seen by other users, including: job postings, employees and freelancers hired and the option for others to apply for a job.

And there is still much more you can do with the innovators account.


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